In this page you can download for free some of my projects, not perfect and not entirely complete but still usable. I hope you will enjoy reading the source code, and maybe take some ideas to use in your own projects. If you want to give me some feedback write to my email address. Check it in about page.

TDP Base services

A simple .NET library developed in C# which encapsulates some base services provided by .NET, to simplify data access, TCP/IP networking, and more. If you look at the code of the projects TDP Push notifications and TDP Chat you can get some examples on how to use it.

Here you can download old versions of TDP Base services.

TDP Push notification

A simple .NET library developed in C# which implements a push notification service. It uses the TDP Base services library.

TDP Chat

A chat system developed in C#. It uses the TDP Base services library and the TDP Push notification library. Keep in mind that to make your clients communicate you need to configure the server application, which is also included in the Visual Studio solution.

You can find some more info in these posts:

Moreover, since TDP Chat has been updated with more functionalities like SSL and authentication token validation, I suggest to read this short text tutorial. Click here to download.

TDP BigFileFinder

A tool developed in C# to find all the files larger than a certain threshold.

TDP Clock

An analogic clock developed in .NET 6 using the cross platform library Avalonia UI.