Today I want to talk about the migration of Google Suite mailboxes to Microsoft Office 365. I had to do this job for one of my customers and, I have to admit, I was totally totally lost, since I didn’t even know where to start from.

Searching through the Internet, I finally found this YouTube video produced by ITProGuide channel. Here is the link:

Basically, in the video, I found everything I needed to complete the job (thank you ITGuidePro!).

I just want to share with you some useful details:

  • The author of the video completes the first migration job about at this point:
    You can clearly see the command “Complete this migration batch”, which the author doesn’t click. I found some minimal explanation about this command at this link:
    I concluded that in the GSuite -> Office365 migration you don’t need to use that command. Moreover, mailboxes data was already available at the end of the migration job.
    But I clicked it anyway… and after about half an hour the job completed with some errors in some mailboxes. But the mailboxes were still working and data accessible.
    Now I’m even more convinced that you don’t have to click on it…

  • In my GSuite version I couldn’t find the option “Recipient Address Map”, which the author of the video speaks about from here:
    In my case, it wasn’t a big problem, since the migration was relatively fast (the mailboxes to migrate were about 30…).

  • Mailboxes data in GSuite was still accessible, even after I modified DNS configuration to use the Microsoft mail exchanger. Obviously, after the DNS change, Google mailboxes will no longer receive new e-mails.

Bye bye my friends!