I’m happy to announce that you can download version of TDP Robot.

This version, like the previous, may not be compatible with jobs data created with previous versions of TDP Robot, so in that case you will be forced to create the jobs from scratch.

Whats new in this version? Here is the list:

  • New events:
    • Memory event
    • CPU event
  • New tasks:
    • REST Api task
    • Zip task
    • Unzip task
  • Jobs disk serialization:
    • fields decorated with “NonSerialized” attribute are no longer serialized on disk
  • Task SqlServerCommandTask:
    • Modified to manage parameters of type XML
  • Bug fixes:
    • SqlServerCommandTask: fix to use varchar(max) and nvarchar(max)
    • Item Name in workspace area of Job Editor not updated when changed in config window
    • UploadFile and Downloadfile fail in case of non existent folder
    • Xml serialization / deserialization skipped null fields which led to further errors in the configuration form of some jobs
    • Job engine service didn’t create log (missing log4net.config file)

You can find download links and installation instructions at TDP Robot page.

Let me know your comments about this new version.

See you soon!